The User Interface Advantage

Freudian psychology teaches that we will instinctively avoid pain in our pursuit of getting what we need.

It really is no wonder then, that so many business leaders around the world continue their quest to engineer simplicity into their products and services and why so many of their customers place a high premium on an intuitive and perhaps even elegantly designed pathway to achieve their aims.

There may well be a direct association between a product’s score on the intuition and adoption scale and the time required to train up on the same product.

Many of our valued customers tell us just how surprised they were to learn how to use Invenias Executive Search Software in less than a day. There was no formal training required. Just a willingness to explore and to discover the intuitive, game-changing functionality of what is now the world’s fastest growing provider of software solutions for executive search and strategic corporate recruitment.

One of our customers put it best when he recently observed, “Invenias is very intuitive to use. It mirrors how an executive recruiter thinks and how the process works. The difference with Invenias is that it works around our information capture and management needs, not the other way around.”

The user interface advantage creates competitive advantage. It’s really that simple.

Trevor Ward

Chief Revenue Officer