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Extend the Invenias ecosystem with our vetted partner technologies that will help you optimize your processes, deliver the best experience to clients and candidates, and give you the competitive edge.

Coral Starfish

Coral Starfish embeds Invenias functionality on networking websites such as LinkedIn, giving you direct access to your Invenias database within these websites, so you can update existing people records or to add those not yet in your database.

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Exenai is dedicated to empowering companies operating in the professional staffing and executive search sectors, providing software and expert technology services with a strong focus on experience, engagement and AI. At the core of our offerings are two primary solutions: a Candidate Experience Platform and Automation-as-a-Service. These solutions seamlessly integrate with Bullhorn products, including ATS/CRM, Invenias by Bullhorn, and Bullhorn for Salesfoce.

Our Candidate Experience Platform is designed to enhance the recruitment journey by optimising candidate engagement, reducing acquisition costs and enriching data quality, to enable firms to reduce time to talent and place more candidates from their own database.

Automation-as-a-Service is a managed service dedicated to streamlining end-to-end processes, by eliminating manual tasks, enhancing data accuracy, ensuring regulatory compliance and removing the barriers caused by data silos, through seamless integration of systems. This includes top-tier AI solutions and best-in-class products and services to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and facilitate better decision-making.

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Multi-posting candidate sourcing that delivers a pipeline of fresh talent to your Invenias account. A few clicks connects you to our network of over 1000 job boards.

With candidates passed onto Invenias, you get ahead of the competition by shortlisting quickly. Our auto-responders handle the candidate communication and improve Candidate Engagement.

Used by some of the top recruiters across the world, including Pertemps, NES Fircroft, Opus, Meridien, Roth Staffing and many more.

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Kyloe Partners help businesses across the recruitment and executive search sectors maximise their tech investment through clever CRM solutions that streamline work processes.

From Candidate NDAs and Right to Represent letters, to proposals and terms of business, Kyloe AwesomeDocs streamlines how you create, sign and manage executive search documents, all from within Invenias.

We’re here to make tech easy for you. Create a best-in-class experience for your executive talent and clients, win more business, and get maximum ROI.

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Empower your team to engage executive talent and clients with Connected Communication. Ringover x Invenias delivers a seamless executive search experience across the widest range of channels in the market.
Calls. Video. SMS. WhatsApp. Transcriptions. Call Summaries. All in Invenias.

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Reports a la Carte


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Discover the future of tailored reporting with "Reports à la Carte," a premier software solution crafted by SearchEx Ltd., a distinguished Invenias by Bullhorn Partner. Since our inception in 2019, we have specialized in elevating the Invenias user experience, providing expert training, consulting, and data import services tailored specifically for Invenias Executive Search software users.

At the heart of our innovations is "Reports à la Carte," designed to empower your business with customized reporting that adapts effortlessly to your unique requirements. Our tool ensures you receive insightful, accurate, and easily digestible information at your fingertips.

Founded by Ken Fifield, a seasoned Invenias expert with over a decade of experience at Invenias and an impressive track record of over 500+ successful implementations since 2009, SearchEx Ltd. stands at the forefront of report writing solutions. Let "Reports à la Carte" transform your data into decisions that drive success.

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SourceWhale is the only recruitment engagement platform teams need to organize daily tasks, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale. Integrating with your favourite tools, SourceWhale sits at the heart of your tech stack and unifies existing data intelligence software, your chosen CRM/ATS and outreach channels to create an all-in-one workspace fit for modern recruitment.

Teams can automate manual tasks like data syncing, activity tracking and follow-ups, as well as build hyper-personalized outreach across multiple channels to drive higher engagement and responses from their sourcing and business development.

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