Bullhorn Automation for Invenias

Improve productivity, engagement, and data health throughout your entire search operation.


Time is your most precious resource. But, manual tasks such as sending emails, cleaning up data, and tracking communication touchpoints can spread your resources thin. Add in the ongoing pressure of a talent-short market and rising client expectations, and it’s clear that engaging with your executive network has never been more important.

Boost Productivity

Reduce busy work by automating repetitive, often forgotten tasks and ensure the right things are happening at the right time.

Examples include:

  • Proactively notify team members of key events in Invenias, like a candidate progress status update or a client dropping off the radar
  • Update Fields and Statuses and add Journal Notes on behalf of a consultant, freeing up more time for other interactions
  • Send regular communications, such as newsletters, check-in emails, and reminders, to executives you are working with

Elevate the Client and Candidate Experience

Better engage with candidates and clients throughout the search process, and never let communication slip through the cracks.


Examples include:

  • Automate communications to clients and prospects that have not been active in 90 days, ensuring your brand is not forgotten.
  • Send a candidate an email or text reminding them of key events, like when an interview is confirmed, and remind them again the morning of that interview.
  • Send surveys after a key event for real-time feedback from your candidates and clients, like NPS feedback after a successful placement.

Ensure Accurate Data

Improve the accuracy of your Invenias data by identifying inaccurate or incomplete records and automating the cleanup process.


Examples include:

  • Auto update Invenias fields based on time or activity, like mass updating candidate stages as part of your search close-out process.
  • Copy data from one part of Invenias to another, like using the placement title & date to update the associated candidate position record with no user involvement.
  • Leverage survey responses to flow data back to Invenias, like requesting current information to ensure your executive database stays up-to-date.