Diversity & Inclusion: The Role of Executive Search


Driving Diversity & Inclusion

With the benefits of a diverse workforce well documented, Diversity & Inclusion demands a place on the CEO agenda. Invenias are working in partnership with MIX Diversity Developers, a boutique consultancy firm specializing in Diversity & Inclusion on the largest global survey of executive search professionals and a program of executive briefings and webinars exploring this key business topic.

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As organizations seek a diversified workforce, Invenias set out to discover what role, if any, executive search firms play in driving greater diversity in recruitment. In partnership with MIX Diversity Developers, a boutique consultancy firm specializing in D&I, Invenias have undertaken a global survey of executive search professionals to ascertain the impact that diversity is likely to have on their working practices and business strategies in the future.

Preliminary responses from more than 400 executive search professionals suggest that D&I is a key agenda item, with over two thirds of respondents stating that it will be 'highly important' to their clients in 2019.

What challenges face Search Firms relating to diversity and how can they assist their clients with this salient topic?

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Blog: Keeping Workplace Diversity on the Agenda

Richard Milsom, Managing Partner & Practice Leader at Granger Reis, discusses the link between diversity and financial performance and explains why companies should look to adjust their recruitment strategies. Learn More

"Search firms have a responsibility to take what is sometimes a difficult stance and show their clients the positive impact of a Diversity & Inclusion intention. Giving our clients great choices is better for their boards and ensures a better C-suite balance."

Janice Ellig, CEO, Ellig Group

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