Choice. Confidence. Customization. - Introducing the Bullhorn Marketplace for Invenias

In the evolving executive search industry, access to modern technology can help set you apart from the competition. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the Bullhorn Marketplace for Invenias, designed to help you identify the technologies that will propel your business forward and optimize your existing systems and processes.

Marketplace partners will help you extend the Invenias ecosystem and give you the choice, confidence, and customization that you need to innovate and deliver the best experience to your clients, your candidates, and your team.


With Invenias marketplace partners, there are no barriers to your ability to innovate. We take an open ecosystem approach to partnership and continuously work to connect the latest and greatest executive search technology with the Invenias platform. You choose the technologies that best fit your unique business needs, and we collaborate with them to ensure an integrated solution is possible.


Validated Marketplace partners allow your team to work faster with less risk. Partner solutions pass a comprehensive technical review by the Bullhorn team and are used and proven by multiple Invenias customers.

You can be confident that these partner integrations will work within your existing workflows and be supported long term by Invenias resources. A pre-integrated, well-vetted partner solution gives you the confidence you need to ramp-up quickly without concern for technical, onboarding, or user experience issues.


Every executive search firm is unique: the sectors you serve, the ways you work with your clients and candidates, the types of roles you search for, and the culture you have created within your organization. Adding partners to your solution enables you to create a system that truly reflects the differentiation of your business model.

Our first set of Invenias marketplace partners are currently building and preparing to launch their solutions on the Bullhorn Marketplace, and we plan to keep growing the partner network to include all of the solutions most important to your businesses.

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