Linking to Client Business Success with Invenias

Adam Saunders, Founding Partner of the Mulsanne Partnership, part of the Amrop global network, discusses the need to have a scalable platform to support their rapid growth across multiple practice areas and products.

Priding themselves on the ability to provide clients with an executive search service that is underpinned with market leading data, it is absolutely key that there is a reliable technology platform in place that allows access to data in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

The efficient recording and retrieval of accurate data is therefore incredibly important to Mulsanne and, as such, they felt that their existing search database wasn’t able to meet their developing requirements. When the company decided it was time to invest in new software, they carried out a comprehensive review of the available options. Adam Saunders, Founding Partner, said: “We spent a lot of time looking for the right partner, which is not as easy as it sounds.”

“This is because a lot of these software firms cater very broadly for recruitment and so much of the functionality tends to be surplus for us. Finding a system which moves quickly and doesn’t tie you up in administrative or repetitive functions, and is also largely focused on the pieces of data you need to store – and get access to quickly – was key.”

Mulsanne drew up a detailed list of requirements and received presentations from several firms. They felt Invenias stood out because the product looked like a sleek and intuitive tool, designed to fit into the changeable landscape of financial services and executive search. Saunders said:

“Many of the other solutions seemed to be built on foundations of older platforms and lacked the simple elegance of Invenias.”
Adam Saunders
Founding Partner

“The Invenias team that presented to us gave the impression that they genuinely understood the application of data in today’s market and, crucially, our use of that data in servicing our clients. Additionally, you want to know that you’re paired with a company whose ambitions and growth plans can sustainably support the growth of your own business.”

“We’ve chosen the Invenias cloud-based solution so we can work off our smartphones and iPads. We’re able to access all of our data whenever we need it and we can add real-time data to the system from our devices too.”

Mulsanne have been using the Invenias software since mid-2014 and is very impressed. “It has been a hugely positive experience already. I don’t think there’s been a single person who hasn’t said that we have leapt forward noticeably from where we were with our previous system to where we are now with Invenias.”

“The benefits have also been obvious to me on a number of occasions when I’ve been out with clients or with candidates where I’ve been able to get hold of whatever information I want at the time. The speed and convenience of this data retrieval is immeasurably valuable.”
Adam Saunders
Founding Partner

Saunders is convinced that it is the in-depth working knowledge of the industry that makes Invenias excel in the executive search market. “There is no point talking to a supplier that doesn’t understand your industry and these guys do; they get it. We’ve recently added a number of areas to our business; the fact that we’re growing and our needs are changing was an important factor in our decision. The ability that Invenias has shown to effortlessly support this growth is another big tick in the box.”

Mulsanne is a provider of market-leading data analytics, solutions and consultancy services, with an international search practice. In Financial Services, they specialise in all asset classes and products within securities, investment banking, wealth and asset management globally, covering institutions from Tier 1 investment banks to smaller buy-side houses. In Technology, their expertise focuses on the Financial Technology space.

Mulsanne have recently become part of the Amrop global network group of companies. As such the underlying platform needs to support the growth objectives of the company. Adam Saunders says “We also had to consider our growth strategy within the Amrop group and the requirements of a database which allowed us to broaden into sectors outside financial services, and into growth markets such as leadership assessment and board consulting. We are confident that Invenias will support our future growth plans.”