Getting Closer to Clients through Digital Engagement

Having implemented the Invenias cloud-based technology platform as part of its strategy to deliver a truly global service, Sheffield Haworth has now taken the next step on its digital journey by rolling out the Client Portal within the Invenias solution.

The company is a leading executive search, interim management and human capital advisory company. In migrating its previous database to Invenias in 2014, the company gave its 120+ employees a modern platform in tune with the digital workplace. Data Insight and Training Analyst Cameron Berry comments: “Being able to work with our clients on a single, global platform is a real differentiator for Sheffield Haworth.”

“Our consultants all have access to the same information, enabling us to operate as a cohesive global firm. This is vitally important for us. We sell ourselves as a company with international capabilities and we need the technology platform to match.”

“We need to fill our senior positions fast in today’s highly competitive business landscape. Our strategic technology partner has to bring a level of digital engagement to the party to ensure we achieve this speed. Without it, we know someone else will snap up the best talent before we’re ready to move. We can’t let that happen – digital engagement is
Cameron Berry
Data Insight and Training Analyst

With the firm’s users benefiting from the attributes within Invenias, such as its ease of use, integration with Microsoft and any-time, anywhere access, Sheffield Haworth is now offering the Client Portal to its clients. Cameron Berry, Data Insight and Training Analyst, says: “We decided to trial Invenias Client in early 2016 with just one international client. Now we’re branching out further with it as the offering develops and we can see the scope of what is possible.”

“Our searches are broad and multi-regional and the Invenias platform makes it much easier for us to manage these searches via a digital interface globally. In addition, Invenias Client gives us greater brand exposure because we’re able to customise it. This expands our offering as a search firm.”

Sheffield Haworth say that their clients haven’t seen anything like this from a search perspective before. The ability to share a profile outside LinkedIn is a plus factor that sets the firm apart. Cameron continues: “We’re finding that the HR teams within our client organisations are also interested in the Client Portal. They have a strategic interest in search and hiring the best talent and the Invenias Client Portal gives them a global view of all activity in one place.”

Fatiha Belorf, the firm’s Head of Markets Research & Analytics, is now working with the Client Portal with two clients, one of which is using it to track six or seven assignments. She’s noticed unexpected benefits for both Sheffield Haworth and their clients.

“The Invenias Client Portal makes information readily available to our clients in real time.”
Cameron Berry
Data Insight and Training Analyst

“They can log on at any time to check the status of an assignment, therefore we need to ensure that the information they are viewing is accurate and up to date. This has implications for our data quality control. It has made us far more aware of the data we input and keeps us on our toes in terms of its quality. Knowing that their clients can view search information at any time has really focused our teams’ minds on improving our data quality. This is naturally something that our clients value.”

Fatiha agrees with Cameron that Invenias Client is a powerful tool for client HR functions. “It is highly useful tor them to see what all their hiring managers are doing across different areas of their business. One of my client’s HR teams is working across three regions, with five different hiring managers. In-house portals are often complex and complicated to operate, but the ease-of-use of the Invenias Client Portal brings all the stats and information they need in one place. Even if they’re not using it all the time, the fact that they can access the information whenever they want is a huge asset. They also trust the integrity of the data – I love this fact.”