Delivering on Diversity is a Team Effort

Fisher Leadership are an Australia and New Zealand-based executive search firm whose driving purpose is to ‘create a world of difference’ by connecting talent to work, and organisations to leaders differently. The ‘difference’ element in their purpose statement respects their legacy of bringing more diverse decision-makers to the table to curate cognitive diversity in teams for better outcomes. With Invenias the whole team feel they have the partner they need to keep delivering an exceptional experience to their clients and executive talent.

Fisher Leadership was established in 2002 by Jo Fisher to add value to organisations who make a social impact. Working in education, healthcare, government and with non-profits, Fisher Leadership have grown to have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, expanding their team and their services to include Gig Executives, Strategic Advisory and Leadership and Transition programs.

Since becoming Managing Director in 2019 Michelle Loader is driving the organisation to challenge and lead the executive journey of the future. Michelle believes “the way people want to connect to work is changing. But importantly, the way organisations need to connect to talent is changing faster. Curating the right mix of diverse leaders around the decision-making tables of the future is critical. Diversity generates debate, better risk management, better strategy and better outcomes. Over 20 years we have significantly impacted gender and cultural diversity at senior levels. We have been able to achieve this recently, in part, through the ease and functionality of Invenias.”

"Curating the right mix of diverse leaders around the decision-making tables of the future is critical."