Delivering on Diversity is a Team Effort

Fisher Leadership (formerly Jo Fisher Executive) are an Australia and New Zealand-based search firm whose driving purpose is to make a positive impact by empowering individuals, organisations and wider communities to realise their aspirational goals. With Invenias the whole team feel they have the partner they need to keep delivering value to their clients and candidates.

Fisher Leadership was established in 2002 by Jo Fisher to add value to organisations who make a social impact. They work in education, healthcare, government and with non-profits. Since then they have grown to have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, expanding their team with consultants with industry experience helping to meet client needs.

The firm has been recognised for their commitment to diversity, with women making up 46% of their appointments, an impressive figure, especially when compared to statistics showing that globally women hold only 17.9% of board seats on Fortune 1000 companies, and only 20% of board seats in Australia ASX 200 Companies. Fisher Leadership achieve this by ensuring that women are on the short list, giving their clients a real choice of diverse candidates.

These sectors require an extremely high level of detail and with clients and candidates expecting more, they felt that their previous candidate management system just wasn’t good enough. “We had been using our previous database for 10 years and despite technology changes in the industry, it really hadn’t changed that much and was falling behind our requirements”.

They spoke to their colleagues in the IMD search network and were recommended Invenias.

“What we found with Invenias is that the interfacing with Outlook and the functionality is great. Everyone is using Outlook and Invenias lives inside it. The two are so linked that updating the database just happens.”

Invenias has been a great success with the whole team, from consultants, to researchers and business management. Unlike with their previous system their Finance and Marketing teams can now tap into the system too, allowing the who team to collaborate better together, but what really stands out with Invenias is the way that it works the way that the different members of a search firm work. “Someone’s actually put the thought into what the different users actually use, consultants want a mobile and cut down version to work on the go, and the researchers want the deep search functionality.”.

Jacinda has weekly meetings with her knowledge management team and asked them “Do you think Invenias has saved them time day to day?” They said “Definitely. The search functionality, the way you can structure and save searches, the way that it interfaces with LinkedIn and Internet Explorer just makes things so much quicker and much more seamless.”

This sentiment is echoed by the firm’s consultants who need to work flexibly. Jacinda says they “cannot rave enough about the mobile app. They can log in and get information when out and about, add information, and even dictate notes into their iPhone directly.” All of this helps to ensure that the database that sits at the heart of their business is full of rich data and insight, allowing them to deliver the best service to their clients.

As General Manager, Jacinda also appreciates Invenias’ wealth of online resources such as online training sessions and webinars that really help when they are onboarding new users, removing the hassle of creating internal training.

Something that has particularly impressed the team at Fisher Leadership, is the way that Invenias works in partnership with their customers. They worked in partnership with the Invenias product and development team to develop Invenias’ referrals functionality and cannot speak highly enough of the Invenias Ideas Portal on which Invenias users can contribute and vote on ideas. “The team love that they can contribute to the Invenias Ideas Portal, they can input on what would make it easier for them day to day, and love it when their idea is backed by another user in another country. It’s such a good feeling knowing that you’re being listened to”.

Now that everyone has had time to understand and get to know the whole system, they want to take their usage of Invenias to next level, using Invenias Analytics Dashboards to track and analyse their success, digitally collaborating with their clients and candidates using Invenias Client and Candidate and testing out the included financial functionalities. “That’s the great thing about Invenias, that we can add to our usage as we go along to help us meet the needs of the client”.

“Someone’s actually put the thought into what the different users actually use, the consultants want the mobile version to work on the go and the researchers want the deep search functionality.”