COVID-19 Resources for Executive Search Firms

These are unprecedented times for everyone across the globe, and the team here at Bullhorn are working to bring you the most up-to-date content, government guidance, data, and webinars to keep you informed. Bookmark this page and check back as we add new resources on a regular basis.

Government Support and Guidance

Local governments have announced various measures to support businesses during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.
The links below will direct you to the latest updates from each government body, and we will continue to update these
as more information is released.


The US Government has announced a series of measures to support businesses during the pandemic:

-The CARES Act
- The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The American Staffing Association has several resources to guide firms on how these measures can support staffing firms. The Small Business Administration will be administering Paycheck Protection Program, a pool of $349 billion for job retention and business operating expenses. Businesses may apply here.


The Canadian government has released:

- Resources to support businesses and employees.
- ESDC corporate information for COVID-19


The UK Government has announced:

- The Coronavirus Act 2020
- A
package of financial measures
to support UK businesses.

APSCo has a series of resources for recruitment firms on how the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme can help.
Information on how to claim for employee wages under the Scheme is here.


The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy have announced a protective shield for employees and companies.

The Netherlands

The Central Government has announced a series of financial measures.


The Treasury Department of the Australian Government have announced their economic response to the Coronavirus.


The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation have issued guidance for business

Articles & Webinars

We’re committed to bringing you the latest industry news and tips on our blog.
We’ll also be hosting relevant webinars on key topics in the coming weeks.
Bullhorn’s COVID-19 Community Response [Blog Post]
With the worldwide spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, we want to reaffirm that the health and safety of our employees, clients, and partners is our top priority. Hear more from our CEO Art Papas.
Managing Stress in Chaotic Times [Webinar]
It’s easy to get burnt out with adjusting to working from home, managing childcare, and the constant onslaught of news. In this webinar, Dr. Goddard will discuss conscious rationality, the facts behind stress, and how to better manage in these chaotic times.

Key Sites to Follow

Industry associations spanning the globe have put together a host of resources that cater to different geographies.
Be sure to check out the content updates they are providing as well.

APSCo has released a Coronavirus Resource Hub to help recruiting firms.

Harvard Business Review has released tips for decision making in a crisis.

All of us at Bullhorn are here to support customers and the wider recruitment community.
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