Top Takeaways from Invenias Fireside Chat at Engage Boston 2019

Bullhorn CMO Gordon Burnes sat down with SVP of Product, Executive Search, Richard Harrison at Engage Boston 2019 to discuss the founding and evolution of Invenias, its acquisition by Bullhorn, and the direction of the executive search business. Here are some of the most exciting takeaways from their session.

Invenias strengthens Bullhorn’s commitment to serving all segments of the staffing and recruitment industry, including executive search

Invenias was founded in 2005 with a core focus on the executive search market. Their first major investment was with a small UK investment fund in 2013, and after seeing year-over-year growth and success, Bullhorn announced in 2018 that they had acquired Invenias. Richard Harrison, co-founder of Invenias, joined Bullhorn in July as part of the Invenias acquisition and is now responsible for driving Invenias and the executive search vision within Bullhorn.

It’s been a busy year—Invenias was acquired by Bullhorn, moved the entire customer base onto Invenias X, and has wholly integrated the organization into Bullhorn. Invenias by Bullhorn will continue as a product line within Bullhorn and will continue to exist as the option for executive search. “We are starting to see the real benefits of integration and increased breadth of experience by reporting into the Bullhorn functions,” says Richard Harrison.

With the implementation of Invenias X, customers now have more options to drive success and get the most out of their Invenias investment

Previously, Invenias’ platforms were built as a client-server-based model, with a lengthy release schedule that couldn’t keep up with the technology and software demands of executive search firms. Invenias X is a flexible, modern solution with a 2-4 week release cycle that allows Invenias customers to see improvements and benefits instantaneously. Invenias X also works with an API to plug into best-of-breed solutions, offering more extensibility to Invenias customers. “All in all, we’ve built an entirely new platform, a new API, and two mobile apps. It hasn’t been without some bumps in the road, but we’re pleased that Invenias customers now have more options with friendlier user interface than ever before,” states Harrison. And with the transition to Invenias X completed, new and noteworthy changes such as enhanced off-limits functionality, new assignment and people dashboards, and an improved analytics module are the most current additions to the Invenias product.

The future is web technology

One of the biggest priorities for Invenias by Bullhorn is moving away from desktop to web technology. “The Microsoft Office component is where we’ve built a reputation—we have a deep integration there,” comments Harrison. More and more features and functionality come to life in the web app every month, with the intention of creating a parallel in functionality. Invenias will continue to work with Microsoft Office, while additionally investing in a web-based solution in order to not only make data easier to consume and manage, but also deploy updates in a simple and seamless way.

Invenias allows its users to leverage high-value data in order to drive better assessment and selection

The team at Invenias by Bullhorn has dedicated a lot of time building solutions that allow users to capture data, with the objective of using that data to drive better decisions. Through scoring comparison tables and scoring radar charts, users can capture information related to a candidate and aggregate that across different competencies. “The power of that data is that you are able to drive true value through the Invenias platform. This data is a way to base decisions not just on data from your own team, but from extended teams and clients as well, and that is a massive benefit for your clients,” says Harrison.

Ultimately, Invenias is focused on the same objective—serving as the leading platform for executive search globally and helping customers focus on building better searches, creating and leveraging high-value data for competitive advantage, and attaining operational pace and compliance.