Finding a boss or identifying a leader?

With global change on the horizon, it seems apt to reflect on the importance of leadership. As a search firm identifying candidates for key strategic roles, how can you be confident that placements will add real value to an organization? A period of change offers both opportunities and threats and it is essential that the right strategic hiring decisions are made.

First and foremost, there are considerable differences between being the boss and being a leader. A leader is far more than just the head of an organization. A leader innovates, inspires others to perform and drives change for the better. A leader empowers an organization to realize aims and aspirations and provides stability and guidance during times of change. In addition, a dynamic leader will ensure an organization can not only attract the best talent, but is also able to retain those already playing a crucial role in its current success.

Failure to appoint the right leader can have catastrophic implications for an organization. Inept leadership may result in uninspired and dissatisfied employees, decreased productivity, uncertainty and division with a lack of common goals. In a time of change, it is imperative that the next wave of leaders have a clear vision and can inspire and motivate staff to achieve more. In addition, the lack of stability in a poorly led organization serves as a handicap when attempting to attract and retain the best talent. In short, a great leader is an essential part of every successful organization.

How do you identify a leader?

Regardless of a role’s seniority, there will always be a number of required core skills and attributes. However, identifying a leader requires more than simply hiring the candidate who meets a list of key competencies and has the relevant industry experience. Identifying a leader relies on the added insight and knowledge that an executive search firm can offer and goes further than simply building a list of candidate CVs and references. In the quest for future leaders, successful compatibility and cultural fit are most likely achieved through collaboration between the search firm and the clients. The buy-in of key stakeholders throughout the hiring process and their added insight will ensure search firms truly understand the needs and aspirations of their clients. This deeper knowledge and understanding is essential in the process of identifying the perfect candidate who will lead, inspire and unite.

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