Revealing the Value of Executive Search Software

There are some surprisingly similar elements to the selling of executive search and promoting the business impact of state-of-the-art executive search software.

We all know and appreciate that the fee for a successfully completed executive search assignment can become insignificant if the executive recruited to a new employer organization has a truly positive impact on that enterprise.

The value, in this case, can be measured in lots of different ways.

Perhaps in new revenue generated. Or maybe it’s best measured in the opening of new international markets, the innovation of groundbreaking products or services, or a solid gain in market share. He or she may also have attracted other great people and inspired others, giving the organization an entirely new trajectory than it had before they were recruited.

However you look at it, we also know what a wise investment in executive search looks like – and the dividends it can reap for a client.

Yet what many of us may not realize is that executive search software is also a value sell. That is, it’s hard to understand just how much more productive and collaborative your executive search team can be until you actually see it happening and Invenias, with seamless integration into Microsoft Outlook, is truly a game-changer.

It may be hard to imagine your firm becoming demonstrably and consistently more profitable – in the words of some of our own Invenias customers – if all your Finance team can see is the addition of some monthly, incremental cost to secure an Invenias software user license for each of your staff.

And it may be hard to imagine how you can streamline not only the capture of important candidate records directly from social media sites but also periodic progress reporting to clients before you actually see these improvements in action.

But just because we can’t see the impact of the newest executive search software until we experience it doesn’t mean it can’t help you achieve great results for your search firm.

Just like the result-oriented sale of executive search, the sale of executive search software is very much the same. Yes, you have to make an investment in order to achieve something special – but in the end, you’ll be very glad you did.