Driving Value From Data

Created by the senior search team at Wenham Carter International, Lambda Partners specialises in executive search within the global telecoms and digital space, for mid to senior level executive positions.

The establishment of Lambda Partners created the ideal opportunity for the company at large to scrutinise the software system that was already in place across the business. Now was the time to decide whether to keep using the same system, or, “start from a clean database and get things right from scratch,” says Jonathan Deutsch, Managing Director at Lambda Partners.

Jonathan explains that Lambda chose to review the market and the options available to them. “We looked at existing suppliers and other providers, asking them to pitch their product. But it was very much Invenias that seemed the most progressive and modern. We really wanted something that felt very different to what we were using already.

In fact, Lambda were so impressed with Invenias, they chose to use it for the whole Wenham Carter business, rather than just the new company.

“We had been using our old system for many years and weren’t particularly looking for anything new, or to spend more money. However, while the new software was originally meant for use primarily by Lambda Partners, the upshot is that we now use it across the whole group, completely migrating away from the previous product.

Jonathan goes on to note that their old system felt unreliable, whereas, with the implementation of Invenias his management team were able to drive usage effortlessly. “The Invenias platform has rebooted engagement,” he explains. “By integrating with Outlook, it’s so much more user friendly. It’s intuitive, allowing you to make notes or add information without having to exit the system once.”

“Our previous system meant that we had to rely too much on spreadsheets. We couldn’t even use it to manage search processes because it was so clunky.”

But since investing in Invenias, all that has changed. Recalling the age when consultants had to take personalised paper notes, Jonathan claims that Lambda employees are now able to scribe as they talk to candidates and clients, meaning that everything is recorded instantly.

“We have a much better overview from a management perspective now,” Jonathan continues. “Individuals are more productive and organised; we’re reaping the benefits of simply doing our jobs, with Invenias holding our hand all the way. Everyone can access files from wherever they are, which means that joint projects and research tasks are all retained inside the database. We can now make sure that any candidate who is entered into the system is coded and categorised using Invenias’ succinct system. Invenias allows us to glean real value from our historical data, rather than just piling unstructured information on top of itself.”

“We were so impressed with Invenias, we chose to use it for the whole Wenham Carter business, rather than just the new company.”
Jonathan Deutsch
Managing Partner

The company has been using the Invenias software since January 2015 and the benefits have been unprecedented. “One of the key issues that we were facing, prior to the migration, was that we were very heavily reliant on spreadsheets for running searches and managing search projects.

Furthermore, although we had a database we weren’t using it effectively. And now we are doing exactly that, working exclusively inside Invenias which means all the work that people are doing, whether it’s a research project or a search project, is being retained in the database for other people to use.”

“Because people were working on their own projects in Excel, we essentially had lots of ‘dead data’ that was of no use to anybody. Now, every call made or any candidate identified, is entered into the system, coded, and assigned to a category. Therefore that piece of information is actually valuable to somebody else and isn’t sitting in someone’s personal drive. Again, it’s just about Invenias enabling us to use data properly.”

“Before Invenias, we really were taking the path of least resistance. That’s fine for the individual but it doesn’t add any value to the wider business. With Invenias being so much easier to use, it makes it much easier for us as a management team to drive usage across the business. The value we get from our data is now ten times greater.”