Installation and Setup - Invenias

Installation and Setup

The installation and setup of Invenias is a simple process that can be undertaken in a few minutes on a self-service basis with support from your nominated Customer Success Representative, or for larger organizations, on a project basis with managed support from Invenias.  The fundamental steps in the process, however, are the same and simple and easy to follow.

Install Apps  – Invenias customer service will have already provisioned your cloud services, removing any requirement for you to manage server environments in your organization.  All you need to do is download Invenias to your desktop and mobile devices and install it.  At the click of a button, your local app will be connected to the Invenias cloud, sharing data with your colleagues.

Manage User Accounts – Your initial users will have been created by your Invenias Customer Success Representative. We will assist you in the use of our self-service portal, where you can easily add and remove users, and manage any restrictions or permissions that you may want to apply.

Tailor Invenias Settings  – Invenias can work right out of the box or can be tailored to more closely mirror the way you work.  Making changes in Invenias is something users can do from inside the product with simple and easy to use tools, either during your implementation or as and when you choose in the future.  Your Customer Support Representative will guide your through the options available and, if needed, assist you with making any changes, from adding your company logo to changing status lists for candidates in an assignment.


"Using Invenias has transformed the way we work as a business. Its quick, integrates seamlessly with Outlook, has intelligent reporting and is incredibly easy to use. All this tied in… read more

Camilla Woodhouse, Programme Director, The Marketing Academy