Invenias for In-House Strategic Hiring Teams

Invenias for In-House Executive and Strategic Talent Teams

The Invenias Platform offers all the features and functionality you need to run your business. Download the Invenias Platform Datasheet for In-House Executive and Strategic Talent Teams.

Invenias Professional
Invenias Professional is your candidate CRM platform, your executive talent database, your assignment workspace and your reporting and analytics engine.

  • Works seamlessly inside Outlook
  • Integrates with web and social networking sites
  • Runs on mobile devices keeping you connected and productive wherever you want to work.




Invenias Collaboration Portal
Invenias Client
Invenias Collaboration Portal provides your hiring executives and stakeholders controlled and secure web access to their assignments. Stakeholders can view internal and external candidate profiles, score candidates, leave feedback, track progress and collaborate directly with the hiring team.

  • Improves collaboration with hiring stakeholders, capturing their scoring and feedback directly, accelerating the search process
  • Drives efficiency by shortening the time to share information across teams
  • Increases productivity by enabling collaboration and self-service engagements across the Invenias Platform.




Invenias Candidate
Invenias Candidate
Invenias Candidate gives your candidates access to detailed information about opportunities, including details on the position, upcoming interviews and interviewer bios.

  • Improves the overall candidate experience
  • Digitally engage with your candidates on their mobile device
  • Improve hiring outcomes and the long term talent pipeline.




Invenias Apply
Invenias Apply
Invenias Apply enable applicants to apply online to published assignments, through a fully hosted and customizable web application.

  • Mobile responsive web application operating across a broad range of browsers and mobile devices
  • Simple and easy to brand, deploy and integrate with your current company website
  • Publish assignments directly from Invenias Professional.


To learn more about the in-house executive search and strategic hiring teams using Invenias, please click here to visit the in-house customer page.