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Client Devices

Invenias works the way you work.  Our windows desktop app is delivered completely ‘Inside’ Outlook providing a rich and familiar user experience that maximizes productivity, while our mobile apps keep you connected and productive wherever you are.  All Invenias client devices connect to the Invenias Cloud keeping to you connected to your Invenias database and shared CRM and assignment data, wherever you are.

Windows Desktop

The Invenias windows desktop runs completely inside Outlook and is the primary client device for Invenias users.

The desktop app is easy to download and install from the Invenias Cloud, where users with Admin rights can also designate other users for setup.

Just like Outlook, you can choose to keep a copy of your Invenias data locally, giving you the ability to continue working when offline, or work purely online with the Invenias Cloud

Prior to installing Invenias please ensure you have the following software on your desktop:

  • Microsoft Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7)
  • Microsoft Office (365, 2016, 2013, 2010 (32 Bit))
  • Internet Explorer (8, 9, or 10)


Windows Desktop

Mobile Apps

Invenias is available on all four major mobile platforms, so that you can access and update your database even when you are out of the office using your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry.  The app allows Invenias users to access their Assignment, Company and People records on the go.

Invenias for iPhone and iPad app is available on the App Store and runs on any device with iOS 7 and above.

Invenias for Android is available on Google Play and is compatible with Android 4.1 and above.

Invenias for Windows Phone is available in the Windows Phone Store and runs on Windows Phone 8 devices and above.

Invenias for Blackberry is available in the Blackberry World app store and is compatible with Blackberry 10 devices.

In addition any mobile device that connects to a Microsoft Exchange Server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) gets out of the box mobile access to Invenias data items that have synchronized with a user’s Outlook, such as favourite contact records and appointments.

Invenias on your Windows Virtual Desktop

Many Invenias customers have chosen to adopt a windows desktop strategy based on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure typically provided from a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provider

Invenias supports the deployments of the Invenias Windows Desktop Client under VMware, Citrix and Microsoft technologies

We typically work closely with the customer and their chosen service provider to help ensure a simple and easy deployment is achieved.

Invenias on your Windows Virtual Desktop

Invenias on your Mac

Many users who love Invenias also love their Mac and  don’t want to compromise by giving up either product.  The solution is to create a Microsoft Windows Desktop inside your Mac using products such Boot Camp (shipped with Apple OS), Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.

With a Windows Desktop in place and Microsoft Outlook installed you can go ahead and run the Invenias Windows Desktop App from you Mac in coexistence with your native applications  and join a growing number of very happy Invenias Mac users!

Invenias on your Mac
“For Wilton & Bain, as an international executive search firm, Invenias is the perfect solution. It provides a bespoke solution to our needs which allows us to easily track assignment… read more

Gary Landes, Client Partner, Wilton and Bain