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A Vital Tool During International Growth

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“We were frustrated by the old, cumbersome look and feel of our previous software and its lack of integration with Microsoft Outlook. The fact that Invenias works seamlessly within our email inbox is a top feature of the product. We can automatically generate appointments and instantly capture candidate information, and this really sets Invenias apart.”

Doug Seville and Myriam Le Cannellier are Co-Founders of DSML, a retained boutique executive search firm with offices in Chicago and Boston. With particular expertise in the areas of General Management, Sales, Marketing, and Operational Management positions, DSML primarily serve two groups of clients who are in a different stage of their growth in the US. They are specialists in recruiting top talent for US subsidiaries of European companies and place real value in understanding the cultural differences within organizations and exceeding the expectations of their clients across the globe and have been a member of the CFR Global Executive Search Network since 2010.

Given the modern look and feel of the Invenias Platform and its seamless integration with Outlook, the decision to move from FileFinder was an easy choice for Doug and Myriam. Any concerns that DSML may have had about the migrations process were quickly allayed by a smooth transition.

“The move went far better than we were expecting, it was very straightforward and the training offered was great.”

Since the move, DSML have found the Invenias Support Team excellent and have been particularly impressed by the comprehensive 24/5 support offering and rapid response time.

The flexibility and mobile working capabilities afforded by the Invenias Platform really suit the working practices of DSML, with Myriam particularly benefitting from the ability to work from a number of different devices. She states “I can work on my laptop, my tablet, it’s all smooth and connected and it suits me perfectly.”

Given the global focus of their operations, the Invenias Platform plays a key role in ensuring DSML’s clients and candidates enjoy a seamless service, regardless of location.

“With Business Development based in our Boston office, we can instantly connect in real time wherever we are, and this flexibility is great.”

The reporting capabilities of Invenias are another significant strength according to Doug and Myriam. Having moved from software without a strong reporting feature, DSML have been particularly impressed with the ease at which they are able to quickly and easily create and modify reports in Invenias and the user-friendly process. In addition, Doug is particularly looking forward to taking reporting a step further through the additional insight and visibility into business performance offered by Invenias Analytics Dashboards.

The Invenias Platform has enhanced the working practices of DSML and has been a vital tool during a period of significant international growth for the firm. Myriam states

“Invenias makes our processes stronger. Our valuable information is so easy to access, we can perform more searches per person and can find top candidates more easily.”

Through the use of Invenias, DSML are consistently exceeding the expectations of their growing client base. When asked to sum up the impact of Invenias on DSML Doug states “everyone in the team feels really good about Invenias, it’s just so easy to use and learn.”


Customer Focus

DSML Executive Search

•   Offices in Chicago and Boston
•   Retained boutique executive search firm
•   Clients are US subsidiaries of European
•   Member of the CFR Global Executive
Search Network

Doug Seville, Co-Founder

Myriam Le Cannellier, Co-Founder

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